Author: Jane Rowe


5 Secrets For Healthy And Shiny Hair

Tangled, dry, frizzy, oily, frustrating, uncontrollable…have you used any of these words to describe your hair? Don’t worry-learning to maintain our coveted strands and produce the look we want is entirely possible with a little work, research, and dedication. That being said, I’ve complied a set of five “secrets” to achieving healthy, shiny hair, which, […]

Formal Dresses

What Are The Kinds Of Formal Dresses For Each Body Type?

Formal dresses are needed for special events, like for a prom. Formal dresses sets the bar to test your relatively basic social skills by your taking pride in complying and accepting the implicit structure, the norms and demands of the occasion, being able to keep up with the expectations of that small select group of […]

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